Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Here are some cute pictures of the family on Halloween. Damon and I (aka Obi Wan and Leia) had fun passing out candy while Kevin (aka a bigger Obi Wan) went trick-or-treating with the girls (Cinderella and Belle). It turned out to be a fun night.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Got Vitamin E?

Aurora is always saying very cute and intelligent things. A few weeks ago at breakfast she was looking at the boxes of cereal that were on the table. She looked at me and said: “Mom, there is no vitamin E in Trix or in Strawberry Chex. But, there is in Cheerios!”

Kevin has been working on memorizing scriptures. He has these scriptures written out on 3 x 5 cards. Aurora got a hold of these cards and started copying them into her journal to practice writing letters. I was surprised when she asked me for Daddy’s cards. I told her they weren’t to play with. She said she needed them. I asked why and she showed me her journal. Sure enough, there was almost an entire scripture written in her cute little handwriting. So I got Daddy’s cards for her. Soon after I heard: “Mom, I’m missing one”. “What?” “I’m missing number 4, that is the one I was doing”. I soon found that Kevin had numbered his cards. Sure enough, number 4 was missing. I called Kevin and confirmed that he had that card with him at work. Aurora was disappointed, but I asked Kevin for the reference and soon Aurora was copying letters right out of the Book of Mormon. When Aurora finished the scripture I asked to read it. So, I was reading out of her journal and I got stuck on a few letters that were run together. I was trying to make out what it said and in a disappointed and accusatory tone Aurora said: “What Mom, you need glasses or something?”

Monday, June 16, 2008

3:10 to Yuma

So we actually did this back in March, but it was so fun that I still had to do a blog entry about it.

It was a Tuesday morning and I was thinking about my cute sister Mikki and her family in Yuma. I was wishing that I could see her but knowing that Yuma is not a 10 minute drive. I started to think, when would we be able to see her again? I realized that she had been in Yuma for 3 years now and we had only visited one time. That was just dumb. We needed to go visit.

Next I looked at the calendar for possible trip dates. As I looked, every week-end was booked for quite a while, except, wait, this week-end was free. Hmm, we could leave for Yuma today and go this week. Kevin could take his laptop and work on the way. Hmm, I could pack up everything and leave as soon as Kevin got home. Hmm, would this really work? Would Kevin go for it?

Well, at approximately 3:10 on that day, Kevin got home and off we went! We had driven about 20 minutes and were passing homes in Lehi when Courtney asked: "Mom, is that one Jaden and Tinille's house?" It was then I knew, this would be a long trip!

In the end, it actually turned out great! We were able to stay at my parent's resort in St. George on the way there and back. The kids loved the resort. They were also sooo excited to go see Jaden and Tinille.

Given the spontaneous nature of the event, I decided not to tell Mikki and Ryan that we were coming. We just showed up at the door.

I was sooo excited to surprise them. I could hardly hold it in. We pulled up to the house and sent Aurora and Courtney to knock on the door and ask for Tinille to play. Uncle Ryan answered the door. Aurora looked really tiny up there talking to him. It was very cute. Ryan looked at her for a second, then looked a little surprised, and then looked up at us and put his hands in the air with the expression on his face: "What are you guys doing here?" Ryan told us he looked down Aurora and thought: "Aurora!" and looking at Courtney: "two Auroras!"

Pretty soon Mikki came out and was so happy to see us that she ws crying. This was a good thing as I hadn't budgeted for a hotel. :) She later said that she heard cute little voices at the front door that sounded familiar but she couldn't quite place them. I think she was excited to see it was our girls.


Girls at St. George Resort

Shoe shopping with Tinille

3:10 to Yuma Part 2

We had a great time while in Yuma. Highlights included going to Jaden's soccer game, playing Wii tennis with Mikki and Ryan, letting the kids play at a really cool playground, going to church with cousins, eating at Texas Roadhouse, going shopping, doing a 'Primary Activity' and making 'celestial sunglasses', playing board games, and letting kids run through the sprinklers in the back yard.
All in all, I'm so glad we went! The kids were great (even little Damon) on the long drive, surprising Mikki and Ryan was fun, the cousins loved playing, and the timing was perfect. Thanks Mikki and Ryan for letting us come, thanks Kevin for putting up with and going along with my spontaneity, and big thanks to Kevin's boss for letting him go!

Yuma Playground

Yuma Fun

More photos

Yuma Texas Roadhouse

Yuma Games

Goodbye Yuma

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Note on the Clogging Competition

I went to class tonight for the first time since our competition. I learned that our dance not only placed first in it's category, it also recieved an all around award. Apparently this means it was one of three of the highest scoring numbers in our entire division. Neat, huh? I also got a little blue ribbon for first place and on it it says: "Nationals Qualifier". I guess we are qualified for Nationals now, which is a good thing, since we have been planning on going to it all year. ;) It is at Lagoon on the third week of May I believe. This clogging stuff has been kinda fun. :)

Almost Princesses

Here are some great photos of the girls playing 'Guitar Hero' with Kevin. I'm not too sure how I feel about this new pasttime in our home, but the girls love it. Here are some cute things they have said while playing:

Aurora: "Daddy, I strummed the whole song!"

Courtney: "Dad, I like 'Hit Me with Your Best Shot!'"
Aurora: "My fingers can't hit the green and the yellow notes at the same time!"

P.S. Damon has his learner's permit!

Friday, February 22, 2008

My First Ever Clogging Competition

I just got back from my first clogging competition. I was a little nervous seeing as how I had never even attended a competition before. I was also nervous that I wouldn't have enough stamina to make it through my entire (1 minute probably :) dance. But, I was able to warm up back stage and I made it through the whole thing without any mistakes! I was very excited.

I found out just before I left that our team took 1st place.

It was very fun and I'm especially grateful for my little cheering section :) that came to watch. I'm also very thankful to Kevin for putting up with me going to classes in Sandy every week while he takes all the kids to Aurora's dance class. Thanks, I love you tons.

I think I have at least 2 more competitions coming up with one of them being the first week-end in May at Lagoon. I'll be sure to update the blog after those as well.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I've Been Spiked!

So the girls and I thought it would be a great idea to spike Damon's hair. I think he looks very cute and more mature. :) I may need to give him his first haircut so that it will spike up better.

He is officially 8 months old now and weighs approx 18 pounds. We love having him with us!