Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Family Pictures

Here are some pictures we took last week at Gardner Village. I'm very slowly learning about photography and I love taking pictures. I'd be happy to use anyone who is willing as guinea pigs. I can't guarantee good photos. ;) My favorite photo spot is Gardner Village and 8:00pm is a good time if you are interested. I'll give you a CD of all the photos for your time.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In My Spare Time...

This is what I like to do when I get bored. :) This is my in-law's under-the-stairs play area in their basement. The whole room is in a jungle theme and I was lucky enough to win the trust of my in-laws to paint a Tiki Hut on their walls. It is actually quite enjoyable once you get past the first brush stroke on the brand new basement walls!
PS Since I haven't posted on the blog in over a year now, whoever adds a comment to this first gets a plate of homebaked cookies. ;) You can just write: "Cookies please!"
PPS You can expect another totally random post like this one sometime within the next year.
PPPS Thanks to all my true friends who never give up on my blogging abilities.